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We started several years ago with only a handful of people operating in shared lab space in the University of Texas Arlington Research Institute. Since then, we have grown to a team with almost 100 scientists, engineers, and programmers who have their own lab space in the middle of campus.

Since 2011, UTA’s ROVER Society (now the Rover team), has provided engineers, scientists, and general students with the opportunity to apply our knowledge, gain experience, and learn something truly unique: how to build competition level Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Reconnaissance (ROVER).

Initially, we were focused on competing in the NASA run Robo-Ops competition in Houston, Texas. At that time, we were a small team located in the University of Texas Research Institute consisting of a handful of people working in a spare lab room.

Since then, we have achieved enough notoriety on campus and with our peers to become a 90-person strong robotics team with permanent laboratory space in the middle of campus.

We are proud to have been able to compete in the University Rover Challenge several times since its creation. Last year, we were chosen to be a part of the 36 chosen teams and achieved a rank of 28 out of the 82 teams from around the world.

Countdown to competition 2021


The University of Texas at Arlington
Woolf Hall 410
Arlington, TX 76019